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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Turk Hates Tuesdays

You said it, Turk. You said it.
Donald Faison hates Tuesdays. I assume if you're here you know that a) Donald Faison played Christopher Turk on Scrubs, b) I love Scrubs, and c) I hate Tuesdays. Okay, I don't exactly assume you know all those things or I wouldn't have mentioned them. I wouldn't even be typing anything in this space. I'd just post the picture and be done with it. I suppose a and b don't need explaining, so I'll bring you up to speed on the suckiness of Tuesdays.

Mondays are rough because everyone in the world is extra tired on Mondays—but that's also what makes the day survivable. Monday is a groggy day. The average person doesn't achieve full consciousness on a Monday until 4:30 in the afternoon. You're left with some vague recollection of rolling out of bed, eating something, doing something, complaining about something . . . and then it's over. When Tuesday hits, you're still tired, but you're awake for it. The haze is replaced by a headache. The to-do list you ignored Monday has grown longer, and the week doesn't appear any shorter.

Hence, Tuesdays suck twice as bad as Mondays.

The fact that Donald Faison feels the same way makes me feel like J.D. Don't make me explain why that's a big deal.

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