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Monday, July 19, 2010

I Write Like Stephen King

I write like
Stephen King
I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I couldn't pass up the temptation of I Write Like. I recommend trying it out because of the fun of having your writing analyzed by an impartial algorithm and compared to the works of real more famous writers. You'll have to find a significant sample you're at least somewhat proud of. For me, that was this post about the infamous George Plimpton hoax in Sports Illustrated. (I omitted the George Plimpton excerpts to avoid being told I write like George Plimpton.)

The result, as you can see, was Stephen King. I'm honored by the suggestion, but I have no way of knowing if it at all accurate. I've never read a Stephen King book before. Nevertheless, it's kind of scary, no?

Okay, it's not. I should still give him a try. If you do it, would you mind telling me what you find?


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! I did it again with a different sample. And this time: James Joyce. Which just amuses me to no end. Did he embrace the sentence fragment? Because I am a huge fan.

  2. Not sure my earlier comment went through: let's just say my first go at this was a rather embarrassing result.

  3. I never would have thought this. I keep meaning to try that so I will now!

    so... it said I write like....

    Stephen King. I am not even kidding you.

  4. First, Stephen King is great. This is a compliment, to be compared to him, I think. It says you're perversely creative?

    Second, I inserted my gay lawnmower entry and got David Foster Wallace. I confess I'd never heard of him, and while this kind of makes me want to be compared to someone else, his Wikipedia entry sounded kind of interesting, so I'll just keep it.


  5. @Heather I really want to know who that first one was that didn't go through. James Joyce is all well and good, but I want to know if you were Danielle Steele in another life.

    @Steph That makes 2 great writers I've been compared to. ;)

    @Bare I guess I should read up on my DFW. Never heard of him either until now. But hey, sounds like he's got something in common with Hemingway, at least.

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