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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Idol Eyes: Top 16, the Girls

I'm still getting used to transitioning from Lost to American Idol, so if I refer to a bad performance as getting smacked around by the smoke monster, forgive me. The show is down to an hour and in a total rush, so I'll follow suit.

Katie Stevens
The hard part of "Breakaway," you would think, is the hammer-the-high-notes chorus. But since Katie brought the song down into a more attainable range, the chorus was a bit breezier, easier. The opening verse, though, was way below her power. All in all, there were about six notes she sang well. The judges can go on about song choice or image, but she just sang really poorly. And Kara has a new hair color, which is pretty.
Odds of Going Home: 2 to 1

Siobhan Magnus
A capella "House of the Rising Sun" intro? Good. The power finish? Awesome. The reason I'm asking myself questions? Because it's my blog and I can do what I want. There's also not much need for me to critique the song, because Siobhan kicked its tail. Randy touched on an important note by saying she doesn't listen to their advice. Bottom line? If you need the judges' advice all that much, you won't last long. And Simon will change his mind when he watches this again.
Odds of Going Home: No.

Lacey Brown
Do you know this song? (See, I'm asking you questions now.) I don't. And that's a brilliant move for Lacey, because she's making me like a song I can't remember ever hearing before, and she's singing the crap out of it. Another really great performance for the show, and Lacey's best ever. She still looks too colorful for Avatar, but whatever.
Odds of Going Home: 18 to 1

Katelyn Epperly
Oh no, the earth is moving under her feet. As Heather said, her hair kinda looks like a puppy dog. She sounded less like Carole King and more like Carrie Okey. I apologize for the awful joke, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the performance. Her singing wasn't awful, it just had that uneasy quality that said, "I think I can do a better job when I perform this on results night."
Odds of Going Home: 4 to 1

Didi Benami
Let's do two reviews. The first is the guitar playing: NOOOOOO! The second is the singing: yes, dear. I'm not sure which was more convincing, the degree to which the girl can sing or the degree to which she can't play the guitar. There was just no reason to play the guitar there. But she sang effortlessly and mellow but completely meaningful. Very nice.
Odds of Going Home: 11 to 1

Paige Miles
She's not singing that "Smile," is she? Oh. She is. And for the first time ever on this show, she's not smiling. That's weird. Oh, dear, it's like someone shot Toni Braxton. Paige really looked uncomfortable. Like people she loves are being held hostage and their lives depend on her performance. Aw, sweetie. I hope you told them you love them.
Odds of Going Home: Really, Really Good. And home is nice.

Crystal Bowersox
Girl, plug in your guitar. Can't hear it. And please start singing the . . . oh, my, there you go. Now your singing. Oh, she's ripping it. She's killing it. She killed it! Well, that was lovely. If you're gonna choose between starting well and ending well . . . she picked the right one. Very cool.
Odds of Going Home: 1 Billion Trillion to 1

Lilly Scott
Patsy Cline, huh? Sweet. She kept the country twang but sang it all Bjorky. I wouldn't listen to it on a loop or anything, but it's way cool. Lilly is Cyndi Lauper fun. The judges have to race through their praise of her, but she deserves more. I loved it.
Odds of Going Home: 15 to 1

Who's out: Based on these performances? (Yeah, I did it again.) Katie and Paige


  1. I just wanna know... what the f*ck happened to Paige? That is one of the worst performances I've ever witnessed. That sounded like something you'd hear in the top 50 on Norwegian Idol. No joke. (Or top 10, even. Norwegian Idol sucks. Makes me want to tear my head off in sheer frustration.) Anyway, watching that made me really sad. For her, mostly.

    I also feel really bad for Katie, because she has been back every week trying to get it right, and this week she really didn't. At all. But she's 17, she's a huge talent. If she keeps on going, who knows? Maybe in 5 years or so, we'll hear from her again. I really hope so, because I love her voice. But she has some stuff go figure out first.

    Didi is back, and I love it! Crystal kicked ass, as usual. And Siobhan's pipes are ridiculous. I, like pretty much everyone else, cannot get over that note. And she does whatever she wants to do, which I love.

    Lilly just intrigues me. I want to keep on seeing her perform. So I hope we get to see her for many, many weeks to come.

    I agree - Katie and Paige are out. And, in my opinion, not JUST based on these performances.

  2. I agree, Katie and Paige have been floundering throughout. I think Paige is probably a much better singer than what she's shown, but she just doesn't seem to be cut out for the intensity and the spotlight, which is fine.

    Katie is just way too attached to the judges' advice, and you need to have at least some independence (or just amazing advice) to let your personality shine through in your performances. The realization I hope they all make is that there are better things in life than being a famous recording artist.


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