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Friday, April 03, 2009

Overheard, Go Colin Go

I wouldn't say Colin is getting to the point where he's actually quotable per se, but he is talking and expressing himself at a rapidly progressing rate that has steamrolled me with joy. Here are a few of my favorite recent pearls of wisdom to fall from his mouth:

  • After walking out on a Baby Einstein video, Colin asked for me to hold him. So I asked him, "Colin, do you want to watch this or not?"

    Colin: "Not."
  • When he says, "Puppets," it's just really cute. Not really a story there.
  • A couple days ago, he spontaneously burst into song and demanded I sing along with him. The song he so desperately and exuberantly wanted to sing? "Go Cubs Go." Ah . . . yes. I think we'll keep this one.

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