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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Man Chair? (and other assorted musings)

Don't worry, American Idol recaps are coming (but not for another day . . . I forgot Obama grabbed a mic of his own), but I have just a few random updates.

1. I finally have a man chair. It's the recliner no wife really wants in their living quarters (but Heather has grudgingly graciously welcomed into our abode). It's leather. It's old fashioned. It was free. My parents had three too many chairs, and they only have room for two too many. So as of Saturday afternoon, the armchair is mine. Er, ours.

The only problem is, it's now the boys' new favorite. As you can see from the picture, Colin is quite literally getting lost in its cavernous luxury. I mean, seriously, where is his head? I took this picture, and I don't know the answer. So what seemed destined to be a harbor of manly respite, a leather-clad fortress of solitude, is now just a swiftly tilting playground.

2. Speaking of things that turned out to be more youthful than one might have thought, Heather had an interesting encounter at Fair Oaks Farms. She took the boys to see the cows and the asundry other lactose-related wonders, and some guy (any non-blood-relative male who speaks to my wife instantly becomes some guy to me) mistook Colin's Elmo shirt for a Bob the Tomato shirt. The conversation continued like this:

H: Oh, we love Veggie Tales, but it's not a Bob the Tomato shirt, it's actually an Elmo shirt.

SG: Wow, well, not a lot of people know about Veggie Tales. I guess you have to be from our era.

H (not associating her era with that of SG): Oh, well I think I'm a bit older than your era.

SG: Well how old are you? I mean, I'm 20.

H (quite happy at this point): Oh, you're so nice.

3. Colin has now taken to playing Ring Around the Rosie by himself. It's slightly less dangerous than mixed martial arts, but every bit as entertaining.


  1. Mmm. Cavernous luxury. There's simply no other kind.


  2. Doesn't every married woman put up...uh, I mean have one of those in their home?

  3. I thought it was brand spakin' new! Funny, that you lost your man chair already to two little munchkins with sippy cups...
    Looking forward to your A.I. review in the will be the highlight of my day, so make it a good one!


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