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Saturday, February 07, 2009

It's a Brand New Me

Not exactly. But here are some changes I've made over the last several days:

One day I replaced one cup of coffee with a big glass of water. I was glad I did, but that particular change always results in the sudden need to, um, get out of the office ever 20 minutes or so. Still, it helped.

Another day's change wasn't especially good for me, as I think I pretty much decided to eat as much as I could every chance I got. Still, I was glad I did that, too.

I also started a new blog, one I had been putting off for years. Why I didn't have a Cubs blog before now, I don't know. But now I do. It's called And Counting, and you can find it at

Then yesterday I slept for roughly 12 hours. Actually, I slept roughly for 12 hours, as the semi-hibernation was induced by migraines. But still, you can't complain about 12 hours of sleep. Eat pizza, go to sleep, wake up and have breakfast? That's change you can believe in.


  1. Hey, Charlotte is talking about getting a pro baseball team. If they do, I might actually take up watching b-ball! :)

  2. I think you need a blog called "another mediocre free agent offseason for Chicago baseball." That would be change I could believe in.

  3. I think the Bare's should start blogging again! Maybe after Michael's final exam?????


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