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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Random Spider-Man Observations

Last week was Addison's 5th birthday, and his great grandmother gave him a Spider-Man activity book. She then asked, "Does he like Spiderman?" Notice, I spelled Spider-Man differently in her quote, because she said it like he was Jewish and it was his last name (see Friends clip below). I thought it was awesome.

It was particularly awesome in contrast to my brother Robbie's fixation on the comic book icon. Just a couple of weeks before this incident, we were at my parents' house playing CatchPhrase (a game that, like Dumb and Dumber, loses its appeal after the first time around). But this game included one moment that will forever (and by "forever" I mean awhile) be sketched (not etched, because we're talking comic books here) into my memory. It was my turn. The answer was "Spider-Man." Robbie was not on my team. I said, "It's hyphenated." In .013 seconds, Robbie blurted out, "Spider-Man!" in this tone ringing with disbelief as if to say, "Geez, you guys, what the heck's taking you so long?" It was beautiful.


  1. How could I not comment? Really? It has to have a hyphen? Wow, now I guess I better teach Connor about hyphens, otherwise he may be ridiculed by other comic geeks. Which I say with all the affection I have for my son!

    So is Addison into Spidey?

  2. Yes, the hyphen is mandatory. So much so that my brother had to change his email address (which, surprise, has spider-man in it) to be hyphenated, thereby bringing his comic geek mocking to a close.

    Addison is into him, but not completely. It's funny, he's pretty much into the merchandise alone. We haven't let him watch the movies, the cartoons, or own any comics, but he loves the stuff and the concept.


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