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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My Favorite . . .

Quote from watching a few minutes of America's Got Talent tonight:
"I think Vegas is looking for a new Elvis."

Commercials to make fun of:
The ones about genital herpes. It's its own punchline, really.

Canadian pronunciation:
Saying sorry like "soary"

Learning process at the moment:
It's a tossup between Colin trying to walk and Addison trying to ride a training-wheel-free bike.

Olympian of all time:
Mary Lou Retton, hands down. No, wait. Hands up.


  1. I love that Canadian pronunciation. Similar to my fondness for up north dialects (like Fargo.)


  2. I love the way they pronounce words up in the Great White North, ay!

  3. Hey! Love the new pics! I also like that first song you have on your playlist. I've never heard of Jason Mraz but I like it.


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