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Friday, June 06, 2008

Time on My Hands

I've got time to blog and nothing to say at the moment, except that I noticed yet another musical ripoff this evening . . . Chicago and Green Day if you can believe that. So I'll just sit here and watch me some Cubbies. Hope everybody's doing alright. Peace.


  1. I thought of this one the other day as I was singing the 80's classic "Don't Worry Be Happy"...if you sing the latter song "What's Going On" by the 4 Non-Blondes and in the back of your mind also sing Don't Worry, they're the exact same thing. It's weird.


  2. Dear Word Guru,

    What is it called when you incorrectly use a word that sounds like another word, but you use it incorrectly. Example - I could here (s/b hear) you from the other room.

    I know there is a word for it but I can't remember. Dear Guru, please clear this up for me.


    Forgetful in North Carolina


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