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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Kid You Not

For the second year in a row, American Idol gave DVR-ers everywhere a complete and total 2-hour shaft, and it's driven me out of blog silence for just this one moment.

Last year, after 120 minutes of waitertainment, the announcement of the winner of American Idol was announced at 9:03 and three seconds. I remember, because our DVR recorded an extra three minutes until 9:03, when Ryan proclaimed, "The winner of American Idol Season 6 is . . . " and we missed the end. Unbelievable.

Tonight, I kid you not, he did it again. Only this time our DVR switched off right at 9:00. It is beyond detestable that a results show would spend two hours offering no results whatsoever. But here's what did happen:

Seacrest: "The winner of American Idol Season 7 is . . . David . . ." and then it ended. I am not even kidding. Granted, I didn't have to sit through the two grueling hours of seeing and hearing from all the people we're so glad are gone . . . but to not even reveal the winner in the alotted time is an absolute crime. It's an outrage. It's so outrageous, the rage has come back in. It's INrageous and OUTcredible.

And yeah, I looked up who won. But I'm ticked on principle.


  1. Well, at least the one who won is the one who should've. This is only the third time in seven years that the real winner one. Kelly, Carrie, and Cook deserved it. Big Reuben, Fantasia, Taylor, and Jordin did not.

  2. How frustrating! Well, at least the part you missed on DVR is being played over and over on TV and the internet. Cook's reaction was priceless.

  3. I had to watch a recording too, but ours stopped right after Seacrest said "David Cook." Here's the thing though, before I had watched it, as I was driving home listening to talk radio, somebody just blurted out that the the winner of American Idol was David...

    At which point I turned the volume down as fast as I could, but I did manage to hear him say "Archuleta" as the volume faded out. So Lydia and I both thought that Archuleta had won as we watched the Brady Bunch variety hour that preceded the final results.


  4. Yeah, if anyone caught Fantasia's recent performance - it was a real circus. I couldn't tear my eyes away - it was THAT bad.

    I'm glad David Cook won even though radio keeps saying he won because all the cougars voted for him!

    I haven't been blogging either. I got out of the mood - so much so that I deleted my blog and then two days later, I put it back on there (it is the same address).


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