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Thursday, May 08, 2008


It has been a long time since Alanis Morisette did anything I really liked. She has been in that exploratory phase where her music is more about her own personal inquisitive journey than actually pleasing the ears of anyone listening. And that is fine and dandy with me. I got no problem with making music that communicates your innermost expressions regardless of what anyone thinks . . . I just won't listen to it. But this song from Alanis (which apeared on an episode of House M.D.) pleases my ears quite a bit. (Also, there's a spot at about 3 minutes, 15 seconds into the video where it looks like Hurley from LOST is singing along. Keep your eyes peeled for that one.)


  1. I don't know...I never really cared for her voice. I find it kind of grating, but that's just me.

  2. alanis morrisette did pleasing songs?

    hey, kellogg, this is a sharp-looking blog. i'll read some more as time allows. time to catch up on 30 Rock and the Office while the wifey is out.

  3. p.s.,

    it's Jason, previously of Moody. i got here via Facebook.

  4. ok, I like Alanis, in fact before I got married, I sort of, well, ah, had a crush on her. Plus, oh yeah, I liked her music. Isn't it ironic, don't ya think. She kinda took me back to the Janis Joplin days, not as funky, but her spirit was speakin to me.


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