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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Back

One casualty of working at home has been my habit of setting the time on my alarm clock 15 minutes ahead of reality. If the clock on my dresser told me it was time to be where I was going, I knew it was actually time to leave. I was never actually on time. The ploy didn't actually work. But it did prevent me from having to do math at 4:45 in the morning . . . or at 4:54 . . . or 5:03 . . . or 5:12 . . . or any of the other times my 9-minute snooze went off . . . or when I finally got myself ready. I knew that when I headed out of my room at 5:53 (ACT)* I was going to have to hurry to be just a little bit late.

There's really no need for it anymore. So finally this week I set the clock back to normal time. I'm still not quite adjusted, because I'm so used to looking at the clock knowing full well it was full of it. Now it's right . . . but I don't trust it.

Still, there's a bit of corny comfort when I get over my chronological trust issues. When I finally realize the clock's not lying to me anymore, it also hits home that I'm not going anywhere. When I leave my bedroom, the time is now, and I'm already where I'm supposed to be.

*Alarm Clock Time

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  1. Ha! That's so funny! I used to hit the snooze at least once, sometimes twice, every morning. I can't hit the snooze anymore because I sleep until the last minute until I have to get up at 6:30 am to get Kaitlin off to school. I used to get up at 5:30 so at least I get an extra hour of sleep now. I do love the fact that when the alarm goes off, I don't have to hurry to be somewhere on time!


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