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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Poll Question, Baby

The poll question is simple . . . yet impossible. You're on American Idol. It's Neil Diamond week. What do you sing? And don't say the question is too hard, because every contestant has to answer it, right? Or are they in two-performance territory? Regardless, you have to pick one song. Well . . . you don't have to. But you're finding it hard to resist, right? Clearly, this is a Neil-friendly audience. So . . . go ahead. Grab a mic. You're on next.

And I couldn't list all the viable choices. So if the four options there don't unleash your doe-eyed, gritty, come-hither growl, post your selection here.


  1. This is going to be good. I'll have to look at the song list on the internet since our music is still packed (yes, we have every Neil Diamond song)
    I thought of one for David Cook and Jason Castro right away but want to look at the list before choosing.
    If Kristy Lee were still on the show, she would definitely have picked "America"....
    You write so much (not a complaint - love every blog), I hope your poll doesn't disappear into the archives before Tuesday!

  2. As much as I love a good Sweet Caroline, but you just know someone is going to sing Coming To America... love it.


  3. Although "I'm a Believer" is probably a no-brainer, I think I would actually sing "Rock Me Gently".

  4. Oh, I messed up...again. I'm reading the blogs incorrectly this week. I stand corrected. I was all excited, wanting to assign a song to each contestant that remains on the show. Oh well, now I have to think of what I would sing. There's too many choices:) I was doing better thinking about what the contestants will sing.
    I will be back if I can settle on a song :)


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