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Monday, April 14, 2008

Odor Eater

Addison hates the smell of baby food. All of it. If he sees us break out any food for Colin, Addison will switch seats to escape the scent. This morning, he took it a step further by constructing a cereal box barrier. The funny part to me was that Addison was eating waffles. He actually had to get up (which he loves to do) and find something to block the aroma of mixed berries and rice cereal. That was breakfast.

Lunch was great, too. Cajun turkey with bacon and cheese on wheat toast. It was quite tasty, but the thing that cracked me up as I savored each and every bite was that it was just another new thing for lunch. See, at work, I had the same thing for lunch every single day: Lean Pocket, carrots, Cheez-Its, cookies, raisins. The pockets varied, the cracker option rotated, the dessert and fruit changed from time to time, and the carrots were an absolute constant. It was a well balanced meal (made daily with love by Heather), but the consistency made people laugh. I loved it.

I like my routines (I make no secret of it). But now, I have something different for lunch every day. Actually, my routines aren't as numerous anymore now that I'm at home all the time. I'm starting to think they were a coping mechanism for just getting through the days. It's possible that I was dealing with my fear of being trapped without options by deciding to restrict myself on my own terms. Now there's no need, and I mix things up every day. Huh, who knew?

Then dinner came. We ate at my parents and I got to meet my nephew Zachary (not Robbie's kid, whose name I still don't know ). My oldest sister, Heidi, had him just after Colin was born, and since Heidi lives in the Bronx, we don't see each other every day. But she flew in with the kids today, so she got to meet Colin, we got to meet Zachary, and we all got to eat pork loin, topped off with my mom's homemade chocolate chip cookies.

All in all, it was a fine, eventful day of eating. In fact, I might have just one more cookie before bed. Don't tell Addison. We cut him off at four, and I'm going on my ninth or so.


  1. I know a certain sister who would sneak and eat chocolate but her boys would always find her out because they would either smell it on her breath or she still had a little bit of chocolate left on her mouth. :)

  2. Guilty as charged.
    I don't know how they did it but they could smell chocolate on my breath from across the room.
    Michael or Brian would then walk up to me and put their face right up to mine and do this exaggerated sniff sound. That would be followed with, "Mommy, did you just eat some chocolate?"
    Plus, I don't know why but if I eat something chocolate, the majority of the time, there is a trace of chocolate left on the corner of my mouth or somewhere on my face. Now, for people that know me, I'm a super neat-freak eater and I amaze my friends because I can eat an entire meal with not a speck of lipstick missing when I'm finished. (only a woman can appreciate that feat) So, why am I a mess only with chocolate?
    My sons, now in their twenties (almost 30 at this point-gotcha)
    are now telling me that they knew where all of my chocolate chips were "stashed". Its hilarious when your children grow up and tell you all the things THEY did and also the things they knew that I did.
    The chocolate sniffs, I'll never forget them. The expressions on the boys faces between the sniff and asking me the question is seared in my brain forever because it was so funny. They probably have a "guilty as charged" expression of me in their minds.
    (I still think their dad was slipping them some cash in the morning so they would be on the lookout during the day for any chocolate binging:)

  3. I like routines. I'll like them even more when they don't involve law school. And any routine with a hot and/or lean pocket in it sounds like a pretty good one...Should we start taking bets on how long it'll be until you're back to a daily pocket (or some other form of recurring lunchiness)? Hmm, let's determine the odds...mail addict...word freak...Cubs fan...I'll take those odds.


  4. That sounds like a fun wager, but we might as well kick it up a notch and take bets on what will become the default lunch. Pocket? Triple-decker toasted PBJ? Ham and cheese? McDonald's? Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets? I think I taste a poll coming on . . .

  5. I will never, ever forget your mom's chocolate chip cookies. Even better out of the freezer. Mmm.

    Addison is one funny kid.

  6. If routines mean anything, it has to be back to the lean pocket. Familiarity SO does not breed contempt, unless by contempt they mean "a sweet love affair that will never end because it feels so deliciously good"...



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