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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Must See?

The Office came back anew tonight, and it was superbly funny, in parts. That show has the uncanny ability to throw me into fits of laughter and then suddenly make me feel very uncomfortable. Tonight, it actually started with the promo (which popped up when the DVR kicked in as Addison and I were watching the Cubs win). About two seconds in I had to avert Addison's eyes and tell him, "That's not the kind of show you should be watching." Then I thought, But it's your dad's favorite show. And then I turned, looked into the camera, and kind of smirked a little. But the show itself was . . . I don't know, it was a bit much. Usually when it ends I don't know what to think. So, I guess it was as good as usual.

Then came Scrubs, and it had one of the funniest openings to any form of entertainment from any culture of any era. It had J.D. and Turk throwing water balloons from the hospital roof onto the heads of interns, moving in formation to resemble Space Invaders. Need I go on?

Somewhere in there I caught a glimpse of the ousted Idol contestant and was just a little bit shocked. I won't spoil it.

[insert segue between two completely unrelated thoughts]

I also decided that when the person you love does little things you don't like, those can turn into the things you're absolutely crazy about. When Heather and I eat chips and salsa at a restaurant, we both dip out of the same salsa bowl. When we have it at home, she spoons hers out onto the plate. That really bugs me, but I love it so much I want to cry. I don't know why, but I feel like we're Moonlighting in reverse. You know, David and Maddie started out driving each other crazy with all their differences (but everyone knew they totally wanted each other). Then they hooked up, and it ruined the show because they couldn't fight any more. With us, we hardly ever argued about anything until we got married. Now, we have all those tiny little arguments over silly things that only confirm we're completely meant for each other. It's really hot.


  1. I love this post. And I love that Nightswimming was on when I was reading it. And I always always, when I hear Automatic For The People, am reminded of helping your Mom get the house ready for your highschool graduation. Have I told you that before??


  2. My hubbie hums out of tune and when he is sitting down, he can't keep his feet still - they wiggle around all the time. I love those traits!


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