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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Musical Ripoffs . . . Diamond and Dylan

With all the Neil Diamond - Bob Dylan comparisons I've been making, I can't believe it took me this long to post this musical ripoff, which is not my original observation, but an old carpool mate. You can listen in the playlist: "Sleepwalker," by the Wallflowers (feat. Jakob Dylan) and "Solitary Man," by Neil Diamond. Enjoy.


  1. Were you in service today? One of the praise choruses was a rip-off of "forever in blue jeans". It was such a ripoff that I couldn't help but spend that whole song praising God by singing the ND version to my wife, whose laughter was thankfully drowned out by all the other people who had no idea...


    PS: Quick fact. Listen to Sharon B from our Sunday School class talk next week. Leah and I decided that she is a DEAD ON ripoff of Sandra Bullock. Serious. Just listen.

  2. HA!That is SO funny!


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