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Friday, April 25, 2008

I Take It Back

I no longer consider Neil Diamond cheesy, nor do I allow for the possibility of an overlap between that which is cheesy and that which is good . . . unless it applies to actual food.

My apologies to Neil, his disciples, and every hair on their overly exposed chests.


  1. Haha! This is hilarious, because after reading the diction blog, I was amazed at your results. I think you have to chalk this up to the fact that some words take on new meanings. Like "dork" is no longer a whale wiener. Cheesy is used much to often in the way you wanted to use it to simply let it die based on what M-W has to say.

    Although I was trying to claim ND was NOT cheesy, so maybe I should be celebrating this result, not trying to support you. :)

    Either way, none of this makes any difference after the catch Johnson made in center field against the Nats tonight. Holy crap. That was sweet.


  2. I grew up listening to Neil Diamond. Love him!


  3. Neil Diamond = most embarrassing moment in my life.

    Concert in early 80's.
    Seated with hubby, hubby's boss and wife.
    Thought I was so cool when I was belting out "Forever in Blue Jeans"
    One problem.
    Wasn't belting out the words, "Forever in Blue Jeans"
    Instead, was singing along, "Reverend Blue Jeans"
    Whole world stops when hubby's boss turns away from the stage, looks directly at me and quips, "Reverend Blue Jeans?"
    So much for appearing cool at the concert...


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