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Saturday, April 05, 2008

I Peeked

I just found out what I'm getting for my birthday, and I'm not at all disappointed.

The Speed Racer movie is coming out May 9, the very day I turn not too old to love Speed Racer. I don't know quite how it happened, but I have completely fallen off the cliff of movie awareness. I hardly ever see movies. I used to see everything. It's a troubling development, but when I finally do get to see a movie, my grief over being out of touch dissipates somewhat. I can't name the last four-star movie I've seen.

Who cares, I'm getting off the general track of glee. I'm seeing Speed Racer. It was made by the Matrix brothers . . . I really don't expect it to be the Matrix. I really don't care if it's any good. I'm seeing it. Happy birthday to me. Here's a kickin' trailer:


  1. Well fun for you and happy early birthday! I am so out of it with movies, too, but maybe I am rebelling against WORKING at a movie theatre and also the fact that there really haven't been any decent ones lately. I do want to see Baby Mama and Love Guru, tho. : )


  2. I watched this show when I was about 10 years old. I NEVER missed an episode - besides Batman and The Wild Kingdom, it was my favorite show.

  3. You will probably ban me from your blogsite when I share this but when I was young (like Beaver mom-it was on right after school, so we would run home to catch another episode) I was obsessed with the animated Speed Racer. I actually had a crush on an animated character. I thought he was the hottest thing on the planet. I viewed the trailer and thought, "Oh, he's not as cute as the animated one. Ha!" That's sick...

  4. You gotta do a lot worse than that to get banned from this blog. As long as it wasn't Chimp Chimp, I don't see a problem. And even then . . . he's a very endearing monkey.

  5. Ha! I don't think the character they picked for the movie even HAS blue eyes! :)

  6. ...see what I mean?
    We watched waaaay too much Speed Racer......


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