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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I'm so bummed that my camera's auto-focus wouldn't work tonight . . . but I wasn't about to waste too much time with it. It was all I could do to postpone eating this strawberry shortcake Heather made. I wanted to share it with you . . . that's a lie. I wanted to show you what it looked like. I really had no desire to share it with anybody. I ate it all, and it was dang freakin' good.

On a related note, David Archuleta is such a goober. I mean, he can sing . . . but he's a goober. I can't take him seriously at all anymore. He constantly bears the look of a kid resisting a tickle torture. I mean, I'll give him credit, he's not giving in. He's really good at not laughing. Barely a giggle tonight. But I swear, someone's tickling that boy.

P.S. Heather's making fun of me for titling this post "Food." Now I can't change it, even though it is completely lame. Now it's ironically awesome. And yes, Jason Castro is still the long lost lovechild of John Travolta and Minnie Driver. And my TV is a little fuzzy, but I seriously hope that what David Cook had scrawled on his palm was "Give Me a Break."


  1. Ok, I think you and Heather are cute. I love that she made fun of your title. And that you kept it to spite her. Very funny. Um, I had no idea who Jason Castro is, so I googled him. Yep, he's their son, for sure.

  2. We've called Jason C. "Danny Zuko" from day one. I just finished catching up on Idol and couldn't agree with you more about little David A. Michael Johns is redeeming himself- but that scarf thing two weeks in a row? What's up with that. And oh Carly, Janet from Three's Company called- she wants her outfit back.

    Ok, that's all I have.


  3. Ok, yeah...David Cook, I think, is taking himself a little too seriously. That little bit with the hand was quite the cheese-fest and you could totally see Simon laughing in the background. And yes, David A. is a total goober...

    Mmhh....strawberry shortcake. Maybe I should have had you guys bring dessert when you came :)


  4. I think Archuleta's only problem is that he is very young and immature. Unfortunately, his immaturity is being filmed on TV for the whole world to see. He will grow as a person and a man in a few years. I think he is just a really sweet young guy.

    My Mom used to make strawberry shortcake when I was growing up. She would serve it warm, out-of-the-oven. Mmmmmmmmmm! It was a bowl of heaven! Yum!

  5. I love Michael Johns but hated the scarf the first time he wore it but Paula told him how great he looked, so I think it encouraged him to go for a second week with it. I thought he looked a little geeky and femmy last night. One plus on him has been his rugged look. Most of the contestants start out looking so-so and improve with time. Johns started out looking good AND marketable, so he should stick with his OWN taste and keep the Idol stylists away from him before he starts looking like Sanjaya.

  6. Since some were making comments about attire, I just have to comment on how ridiculous I thought Paula's dress was...

  7. Wow. David Cook. Where do I begin? I think it's official that whenever a cheesy rock star, who hasn't even won a competition voted on by young girls and old women yet, starts acting like Chris Martin, he's taken himself too seriously. I love Coldplay, but I can't take that garbage. And I love Our Lady Peace, but the song Innocent? Really? We're all innocent? Including the child molesters and rapists and Hitler? Please. There's obviously some guilty people "floating about" this little planet of ours.

    UNCANNY call on the Castro lovechild. Spot on.

    David A. is officially the worlds oldest soul. LOOSEN UP KID. Watch him walk. He doesn't move his arms. Which means he'll probably grow up to be the creepy guy we warn kids to watch out for at the park...


  8. Castro's rendition reminded me a little too much of Tiny Tim's
    "Tiptoe through the Tulips".

  9. I loved Castro last night. He's so refreshing. I will be listening to a CD of his in the car in the summertime just like Jack Johnson. Love it.
    David A - totally agree. I don't think he's immature, I think he's weird. Everyone at 16 has some maturing to do but that kid is stunted in all kinds of ways. Therapy is in order or that young man will have a nervous breakdown by the time he's 18. He'll be worse than Clay Aiken who now is so hopped up on meds for anxiety that he said he can't sing with real emotion any longer.
    If anyone watched Idol Aid tonight, Daughtry was the best and I was disappointed by Carrie Underwood. Either the sound was bad or she wasn't singing the song very well. I couldn't make out any of the words that she was singing.
    Oh yeah, this isn't an Idol blog is it? Heh
    Just giving first born M something to give me grief about..."you're not following the rules, you're not following the rules"
    "This is a blog, not e-mail"
    "Stick to the subject"
    Ok, now you have more time to study:)

  10. What a minute.
    It's a "food" blog that turned into an Idol blog, which I tuned in after reading Beavermom talking about her blue birds so by the time I finished my comment, I forgot I was on the "Food/Idol" blog, momentarily thinking that I was still reading Beav's which will make M so happy because he will be thinking (not writing because I'm beating him to it) "if you didn't write such long comments, you'd remember whose Blog you were on"
    I really think watching too much David A. is affecting me mentally. I think I should take a week off from AI.
    And in all fairness, we're not supposed to exasperate our children:)


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