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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


1. Jason Castro - Forever in Blue Jeans. Yeah, I liked it. I like him because he's not trying to be anything more than, well, anything more than forever in blue jeans.

2. David Cook - I'm Alive. Yeah y'are. And a little smug. But still, not the worst performance ever.

3. Brooke Why'd - I'm a Believer. As in "Why'd you think you could sing that song, Flo?" Because she's corny and she knows it. Corny, cheesy . . . corn dog with cheese.

4. David Archuleta - Sweet Caroline. Um . . . I loved the fact that he performed this as if it were the theme song to his sitcom. I don't know . . . He mixed it up a bit. I don't know. He's missing something . . . just no strength in his voice half the time, like he's got a loogie waiting to fly.

5. Syesha Mercado - Hello Again. And . . . goodbye. She's not a bad singer, but I feel like I'm stuck in a disco.

Intermission - Paula, seriously, that was awesome. You're going to make a wonderful drunk grandmother someday. And Neil, you're the bomb.

6. JC - September Morn. Here's what I like about this guy: I don't think you should have to look like you're trying super hard. He doesn't. I mean, he's not exactly trying to win this contest, but he's not offending the crap out of me.

7. DC - All I Really Need Is You. I never got the chance to slow dance in the '80s. I almost just did. I'm sorry, I couldn't disagree with the judges more on this one. I think Cook is good, but I thought that song was total cornball. I didn't think it sounded anything like anything that would come out today. Sometimes when you change the style of a song it works great. But the language in that song is not that rockin'. You can't utter the words "I must conclude" whilst rocking. It just doesn't fit.

8. B Dub - I Am . . . I Said. That was good. For me, dog, that was probably the best song of the night.

9. DA - America. Okay, I didn't correctly predict any song choices, pretty bad considering they sang TWO songs each. It's almost like I'm 0 for 10. But this is the closest I came to getting one right. "America" is the other Neil "something bigger, fellow mankind" song. Simon's right, he was clever in going all patriotic. But, all technical merit aside, that was an artistic mess. The terrorists just won.

10. SM - Thank the Lord for the Nighttime. I thank the Lord we're almost done. I like Syesha alright, but just alright. She did a good job, but her voice is never really going to blow people away. Thinking back to some of the voices that have lost on season's past, Syesha doesn't rank among the great ones.

All in all, this show did what it was supposed to do - it revealed the contestants for the not-quite-ready-to-sell-records bunch that they are. I was entertained. I love the songs. It's one of the rare weeks when I think I'll actually like the results show better than the performance show. Okay, no more Neil. Thanks, buddy, this was fun.


  1. I have to say I was disappointed over all. I think it's high time the contestants just pick any song from any era by any artist and we just get this competition over with!


  2. I agree with you on everything except Jason Castro. But I can't fault him for it, because he never should have been on the show to begin with. He's not a good, powerful, or charismatic singer or performer. Randy was very right that he needs to stick to Jack Johnson songs.

    I also agree that with you comment about Syesha. But I think it applies to EVERYONE, not just her: no one in the finals this year is as good as many of the people who lost in the past. Overall, the quality is subpar.


  3. I like Jason's vibe. I think he connects with alot of people. It's like, "Hey, I'm doing my thing, this is how I sing, if I don't win this competition, I'll live",
    unlike David A., who is a miniature Clay Aiken. A nervous breakdown in the making.
    Jason's going to live more years than all of us put together with his roll with it attitude.
    I think he's what alot of us wish we could be like, TOTAL CHILL.
    Ho Hum, that doesn't pay the bills though does it?

  4. Right on. I was definitely entertained by Paula's state. It's been awhile since she's give us a really good dazed and confused drugged/drunk moment. She's always confused, but this one was awesome.

    Also, the show totally bombed in my opinion. It was rushed. I wanted more Diamond! Two songs was too early. Seriously, do we really want to hear two songs from Jason? That was painful. Is it just me or is he John Travolta at 20 with dreads and a guitar?

    I feel bad for Syesha. She's a decent singer but pretty boring.

    Anywho, this was definitely not on par with my expectations. Boo. Looking forward to tonight!

  5. Forcing anyone to listen to Brooke’s “I’m a Believer” and Archuleta’s “America” constitutes torture. You want my deepest, darkest secrets? These two ND renditions will get you my social security number, my mother's maiden name, my personal PIN and any random government secrets I'm currently harboring.


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