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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby to be Named Later

My baby brother and his wife just had a baby boy. He was born Saturday night, and as of six o'clockish Sunday evening, he still didn't have a name. Well, he had one name. I assume his last name is Kellogg. But that's it, so far, Baby Kellogg.

And I think it's awesome. I know the trend is to have the baby's name picked out well in advance, but I have never been able to understand that. Okay, okay, John the Baptist and Jesus set a precedent of ahead-of-time naming, but barring some angelic revelation of a divinely appointed moniker, I think a kid deserves a face-to-face meeting before getting locked into a long-term label.

So kudos to you, Robbie, Lydia, and . . . dude. I think you have a name by now, but I'll always love the fact that you spent a day out in the open without a handle. Congratulations on everything. You're gonna have a lot of fun, no matter what people call you.


  1. Oh how wonderful... Robbie is a Dad!! And I agree- you have to meet the baby first to really know the name!


  2. I know Michael will NOT agree with this post. He was already thinking about baby #2 names waaaaay before 2B was even a mere twinkle in our eyes (whatever that means...I've just heard older people say it). Anyway, congrats to your bro and sis-in-law! Give it up for more kellogg boys!


  3. How exciting. Thanks for passing along the happy news. Let us know if Dude ends up with an alternative name.

  4. Congrats to your bro & sis-in-law! I can say that I've never thought of it that way before - it makes sense!

  5. God gave us a name before we were born, in fact you don't even know it yet.
    Seriously though, pass on our congratulatons. Ah, those family get togethers, just get bigger and bigger, time to buy the Ponderosa.


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