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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Before I get a chance to hear what the judges say, I'm gonna make this short and sweet . . . and shocking to myself.

I loved Daniel Noriega tonight. He totally belongs in the '80s. I just loved it. Darn. I wasn't quick enough to type this before Paula made a "bright light" comment.

Okay, and I just heard Simon guarantee the kid's place in the final 12.


  1. Oh man. I think he'll be around for a while possibly still. All I care is that my David A & Jason Castro make it far!


  2. Actually, I'm totally serious. He's obviously dramatically over the top, but that is his personality. I love that song in its original form, I hate what Rihanna did to it as a sample, but I genuinely liked what Danny (who I keep referring to in my head as Danuel Noriega, which is nonsense, because he has infinitely better skin than Manuel) did with it. I think his voice is much better than Sanjaya's ever was. And I think he'll stick around because he's got a distinct niche . . . and because the votefortheworst people will never take him off their top spot. (But it does serve AI producers and judges right if they aren't happy with the boy. They put him on the show to do exactly what he is doing. No one on that show is surprised by what they're seeing.)

    Look, I'm not saying I'd rush out and buy the guy's album or anything, but I'd dance to the song if it was playing at the club after 1 AM. And by "the club" I mean my kitchen. And by "after 1 AM" I mean when no one over the age of four is looking.

  3. HA!!! OK, I concede. And his voice IS better than Sanjaya's!

  4. Oh, Adam, Adam, Adam. I was so looking forward to meeting you some day soon on one of our trips to Valpo. I'm a little nervous now with the word picture of you "Danny Dancing" in your kitchen in the wee hours of the morning....

  5. I guess they'll be no more "Danny dancing."

    Darn. You would've loved it.


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