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Monday, March 03, 2008

ROTFL . . . L

That last L is for "Literally." Addison actually makes Colin roll on the floor, laughing. It is hysterical. Honestly, the activity those boys do together most often is laugh, and it seems like the fulfillment of their very existence. The thing about these pictures is that they were taken during what I swear was a fifteen-minute giggle marathon that I heard as far away in the house as I can possibly get from that spot. When I finally arose to see what could possibly be so funny, I found Addison's material to be extremely simple.
Once again I swear to you, the only thing Addison did to provoke Colin (and himself) into cascading peals of turn-your-brain-off laughter was to say this one line in various intonations and funny faces: "Hello down there!" It started with Addison sitting in Colin's high chair, Colin doing his little two-fisted hammer crawl to see what was going on, and Addison looking down at him and saying, "Hellooooo down theeeere!" Laughter explosion. Then Addison held his nose and said it Chipmunk style, "Hello down there!" Even more hilarious, apparently. Each exclamation of "Hello down there!" was separated by a good 30 seconds to a minute of high-powered, hernia-threatening belly chuckles. Once Addison could catch his breath again, he'd go to that well one more time . . . and it never ran dry.
Eventually, Heather decided that Colin would have to eat lunch, but not before burning an Iron-Man load of calories through laughter that continued pretty much until the first spoonful of mashed mixed veggies came at Colin's face. At that point, a good hearty "Hello down there" might have been the end of Colin. It was a good thing, no doubt, that the hilarity stopped. But man, oh man, that was hilarious.

And honestly I think Addison has it right. He is obsessed with making people laugh. I'd like to think he got that from me, but it has to go deeper than that. Little kids recognize as obvious things that adults manage to forget somewhere along the way. I think Addison sees very clearly that laughing is good. Of the things life offers, laughter is one of the most precious, but it can be sneaky and evasive. If you ever have the opportunity to laugh, go for it. Whatever worry might be occupying your mind, it will come back. But laughter fades away . . . or it causes you to choke on pureed produce.


  1. I love your Addison stories and yet again, this one did not disappoint! He is hilarious.

  2. 1 - Your boys are too much...that's so cute.
    2 - Colin has a TON of teeth!! He looks leaps and bounds older than Cole because he has a mouth full of ivory (well, not really ivory, but you catch my drift)!!


  3. The crazy thing is, I don't think Addison had any teeth until he was ten months old. And even then, he got one at a time at consistent intervals to ensure the teething process lasted as long as biologically possible. Colin started showing enamel not long after 3 months, and they just keep sprouting like I imagine a werewolf's teeth would grow . . . only less hair and way more drool.


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