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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Could Someone Please Remind Me?

I promised Addison a donut. I told him . . . Sunday? I think, that if he let me clip his toenails, I'd take him to Dunkin' Donuts the last day. (Yes, I did just use toenails and donuts in the same sentence.) But then, I didn't deliver. That is officially unforgivable. He hasn't brought it up, but that shouldn't matter. He shouldn't have to. You tell someone they've got a donut coming, you bring on the donut. You tell your son a donut is coming his way and fail to bring on the donut, you're a Dunkin' Donut Deadbeat Dad.

The donut, like a wedding ring, is a symbol of unending love. But it's also the symbol for zero, which is how I feel.

Here's the thing . . . Addison doesn't just love donuts, he loves going to Dunkin' Donuts. He loves sitting in the Dunkin' Donuts and eating the donut and getting up twice to get napkins and telling the lady behind the counter thanks for the donut after he's done eating. And he loves sitting across the table from me while he's eating the donut.

And he is dead scared of getting his toenails clipped.

So I've been busy and tired and sick and I forgot. I deserve nothing less than public chastisement. Feel free to rain it down on me. Bring on the insults. Every one will be a reminder that I've got a date tomorrow.


  1. Oh man- what is up with the toenail covered donut picture? Ah! : )

    And several weeks ago I PROMISED my boys they would get to pick a Transformer at Target if they took all their medicine when they were sick. And that was WEEKS ago. They forgot about it after a while. I still plan to make good on my promise...


  2. I went to the picture after reading the first comment.
    Eeeewwww, it does look toenail covered.
    I will tell you a "I feel like the bottomfeeder of parents" story that should make you feel better about forgetting your donut date.
    My youngest so Brian,at 5 years of age, spoke up from the back seat while we were all on a family car ride. With the sweetest but most serious voice ever, he inquired, "Why did you want Joseph instead of me?"
    My husband and I were totally confused by the question and asked Brian, "honey, daddy and mommy don't understand what your trying to say. Who's this Joseph you're talking about and why would you think we would want anyone else other than you?" Brian replied, "YOU (meaning terrible, ruin your child forever MOMMY) said YOU (aughh, the YOU word again) wanted Joseph instead of Brian." I looked over to Mike and it hit us at the same time. When I was pregnant with Brian and we were deciding what to name him, my husband liked the name Brian and I liked the name Joseph. I didn't have anything against the name Brian, because I like that name also but our best friend's second son, born just months before our Brian, was also named Brian. I didn't want to "steal" their name. My husband's logic was, "we're in our early twenties, we could be living anywhere in the country some day and these people might not even be friends when this baby grows up" I wasn't too convinced since, hey, these guys are our best friends in the whole wide world (violin music)
    So this is how it ended up. Our friends first son was named after his dad, our first son was named after his dad. Their second son was named Brian Michael and our second son was Brian Matthew. Mike's prediction's were accurate. We left Ohio in the 80's and have never returned, we saw our "best friends" less and less and you know how the story goes with most of your "best" friends from high school. However, Brian, for FIVE years, overheard conversations that Mike and I had in regard to how we came about picking names for our children. They were those conversations that you're laughing throughout and I'm saying, HE wanted Brian but I wanted Joseph.
    See what happened? Our little guy
    (and yes, they pick up things EARLY and they don't SAY A THING-in this case , 5 years), so our little guy thought that we literally wanted another male human being by the name of Joseph. He was actually picturing another little boy in his mind that his mommy PREFERRED! And the only reason I wanted something other than Brian was because of what our friends named their little boy.
    Now Adam, you're a few days late on a donut, plus you have been sick.
    We, on the other hand, probably twisted the little heart out our Brian's little chest for years.
    I'm sure Addison will forgive you for the mental lapse for the week. You'll go from deadbeat dad to dear dad in no time.
    Well, as long as you don't promise him that donut that you posted on the blog....

  3. Oh, thank you so much for that encouraging and delightful story!

    . . . AND for enough Fantasy Football smack talk ammunition to last the entire 2008-2009 season! Mwah ha ha ha! ;)

  4. Wait until their older and you promise them money (they won't EVER let you forget THAT)! :)

  5. Yeah, I thought of Fantasy Football
    AFTER I posted. Fumble....

  6. Okay, so that was officially the longest blog comment ever, mom. You and Aunt Pam have officially reached "blog whackjob" status. You should both seek out professional therapy.

    What's with all the kind words, people? The man wanted chastisement, so lets give it to him! Adam, you're a terrible person. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being awesome, you're a one. Okay? If Billy Graham were here (everyone put on their WWBGD? bracelets, please), he tell you that you need to go to Promisekeepers. Of course, that would be AFTER he makes some disparaging remark about Jews...but I digress. You're a terrible person.

    Although, so are all the rest of us. So when you take that relativity into the 1-10 scoring, you're probably pretty close to awesome compared to all the other dads, so yeah...just buy the kid two donuts and teach him about the concept of interest...

  7. Uh, Michael, go eat the toenail donut.
    Brian read the blog and comments and laughed about both. He's been hearing the Brian/Joseph story for years and as you know, it's something to laugh about NOW. It's not so funny when it happens, just like Adam will laugh about that stupid donut someday.
    He DID ask for chastisement though and you delivered, until the end when you started getting all gushy....
    Is Adam "terrible" or "awesome"?
    I'm sure you could have explained yourself more if you would have used MORE WORDS :)

  8. Yes, we have that terrible/awesome
    toenailed donut flavor that people, for some reason, are just drawn to.

  9. M - Your Mom and I learned about blogging from YOU. who would that make the real "whackjob". Hhhmmmm....


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