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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Top Ten Things We All Own But Never Use

10. DVDs. Mostly, we (and by we, I mean society) watch the ones we get from Netflix, Blockbuster, or the library, but we purchase DVDs strictly on a museum basis.
9. That rack that goes in your microwave.
8. China.
7. China cabinets.
6. Tape Decks. The mixed CD will never be as significant as the mixed tape. If you don't have a deck on which to not play your old mixed tapes, the memories aren't nearly as haunting.
5. Smoke detectors. You're supposed to check these how often? I'm running on never.
4. Jet-Dri dishwasher rinse agent. You put this in the first time you buy it. Then maybe refill it biannually.
3. Anything you've ever worn in a wedding.
2. That one wooden spoon with the hole in it.
1. Boggle. I estimate that everyone in the world owns this game, and it gets played a cumulative worldwide average of twice a year.

Change for the day: I had an apple instead of some packaged, corn-syrup-laden snack. Of course, I had already downed some peanut M&M's, but still. I changed my choice of follow-up snack anyway.


  1. I agree, but you men just leave our china & cabinet out of it please. SOME things just have to BE. :)

  2. We have quite the museum of dvd's and I just know that when Cole is old enough, all of those dvd's that are so carefully alphabetized now will be in a mess all over my floor.
    I also used my china when I had Thanksgiving at our house this year and I anticipate that it will not be used again for another half decade at the least.



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