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Friday, February 22, 2008

Top Ten Myths the Church Loves to Believe

10. Your personal level of righteousness is directly proportionate to how nicely you are dressed.
9. Punctuality is commanded in the Bible.
8. Heaven will be a democracy.
7. Satan was a musician.
6. Dissent is the same as dissension.
5. There are seven things that please the Lord: the habits of highly effective people.
4. Perfection is possible.
3. Righteousness is impossible.
2. If your theology is correct, it's okay to be a jerk.
1. Comfort is a virtue.

Bonus: Pastors should pee standing up.


  1. Comment on #9 - Thankfully, Michael and I do NOT believe this attested to by our often walking in late to "Two Joints" (we still like that name better) with a cup of Starbucks in our hand :)


  2. Wow. The real travesty, seems to me, is that this tool decided it was worth it to drag out one word sensationalistically into an entire sermon...

    Then again, he's got "proper theology" so he can be a jerk with impunity. :)


  3. He's like a child who learns alternative words for "donkey" or a "female dog" and then can't wait to find a way to say them.

  4. That was one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen - no kidding.


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