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Sunday, February 17, 2008


Despite an uncharacteristic weekend of naplessness and a night full of crying from Colin, this weekend had its fair share of random delights. Here's a sampling, way too many of them coming from NBA All-Star festivities:

1. Yesterday's dunk contest. Dwight Howard had an array of ridiculous dunks last night, including one that had him catching the ball in midair behind the backboard, ducking his head below the backboard and slamming it home on the other side. He also dressed up like Superman, but his first propless dunk was the best. But for me, the highlight of the night was Gerald Green's blow-out-the-candle dunk.

2. Oh Canada. I love that song. They sang it yesterday and today. It's almost enough to make me move to Canada. Almost.

3. I love sandwiches. The good (or bad, I don't know, really) folks at Esquire have released a coast-to-coast list of the best sandwiches in America. I read through it, and it looks like a mouthwatering road trip. I'm booking it now.

4. Jazz. They've been playing it all weekend since the All-Star Game is in New Orleans. I know the whole thing is lame, but the music has been killer.

5. This morning Addison and I went to Dunkin' Donuts. He paused, mid-donut, and said, "Dad . . . this is terrific." Yes, Son, it is pretty terrific.

6. In a renewal of a previously unpublished change, I'm back to everyday flossing. Woo hoo, I know.


  1. I noticed you changed your poll question answers...good for you. It was a little confusing with the "yes" or "no" option to a this or that question :)


    (mmh...just had some DD coffee myself...the only thing it was missing - the donut...)

  2. Yeah, the poll was a bit messed up. With all that Paige-induced excitement, I'm lucky I was able to string two words together.


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