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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Overheard . . . All Day Long

Addison has been cracking me up left and right today, and I wish I could remember everything he has said. I'll go in reverse order and see what I can recall.

"Michael Jordan is a bad guy. Let's get him."

"Look at the size of that Jaminja Turtle!"

"He's dead! No, he's not dead. He's okay. Their shells protect them."

In response to my demands that he abandon his toys and return to the dinner table: "No time to explain!"

"I'm Devin Hester."

"I'm Bernard Berrian. Is he a girl? Does he have funny hair? I'm not Bernard Berrian."

"I'll be Brian Urlacher."

"Robbie Gould? Is he king of the Bears?"

"Nobody can turn into a plate. People don't eat plates."

"My brain wants TV right now."

And he started off the day with, "I love you, Daddy." Yeah, I'll take that.


  1. Haha! Robbie Gould the king of the Bears. That's classic. Because kickers aren't king of anything other than their high school soccer team...

  2. I was a bit confused by it myself until after I told him no. His follow-up question was, "Then why is he gold?"


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