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Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Site of the Week - White People Blog

If you read only one blog today . . . dude, seriously, this one? But if you read only one more blog today, I would highly recommend this blog about Stuff White People Like. It is hilarious. Every post triggers at least one of two reactions: 1. Ha! White people are so ridiculous. 2. My stalker has been blogging.

It really is fine work. The blogs make fun of white people, but they aren't kidding. It's insightful, brilliantly written, cutting, sarcastic . . . everything you'd ever want in a blog, right? If you're a white person, or if you've ever met one, you should check it out. Difficult breakups, expensive sandwiches, the Toyota Prius . . . it's a veritable emporium of mock whiteness.
Today's change: less laziness.


  1. GENIUS. Difficult breakups was by far the best on the page they had up. It describes EVERY crappy relationship I've ever been in or seen someone in. This one is a winner.

  2. hilarious. Rich and I laughed out loud at some of those- describing some people we know perfectly. Then we read the one about eating out/thinking less of the place if it has white people. More laughing- hmm, that's totally us.


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