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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Little Cub

(UPDATE: If you were wondering, here's an update on Liev.)

After we named Colin (and I think an hour or two went by after he was born before we finally decided on one) we later discovered that one of the meaning of his name is "Little Cub." So it came as no surprise to me yesterday when the donning of an oversized Cubs hat caused him to burst into fits of hysteria. By the time I got the camera, it had downgraded to a mild case of smilius goofus. By the way, the hat Colin is wearing in these pictures is adjusted to fit Addison perfectly.

Colin's happiness aside, he probably won't be joining us on May 1 when Heather, Addison, and I head to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs take on Prince Fielder and his vegetarian Brewers. We bought tickets for just one game when they went on sale Friday . . . I'd like to think we could attend more games than just the one, but the Cubs' recent rash of success (financially; baseball, not so much) has ticket prices just a bit high. It doesn't help that you wind up paying about 5 bucks per tickets in convenience. Getting the shaft, so convenient. The real hilarious thing is that the ticket sellers recommend you use the uber-convenient "print the dang tickets yourself" option, which will cost you $2.50. Yes, they invite you to print out the tickets you bought on your own printer, on your own printer, with your own ink . . . and pay them two and a half bucks. I opted for the no extra extra charge for just having them print out the tickets and mail them to me. Go figure.

And here's a random tidbit from the Oscar red carpet festivities. When Cameron Diaz was talking about . . . something incredibly important, I'm sure, Addison asked, "Is that Mommy?" I hadn't heard that one before.

Oh, and I've seen just a smattering of the Oscars so far, and it's so good the writers are back so the presenters have something freshly awkward and unfunny to recite. Yay!
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  1. I bet that made mommy feel good. :) It'd make me feel good anyhow. I spend most of my high school and college with people telling me I looked like Chandler Bing or Dave Matthews. Neither were hot, but one was the funny Friend, and the other a good guitarist, so I was satisfied.

    Someone told me a few weeks ago that I look like Jason Statham from the Guy Ritchie and Transporter movies. I'll take that one too...



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