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Monday, February 18, 2008

Just to Clarify

This boy is not a crybaby. Yesterday I said "uncharacteristic" because he is not predisposed to fussing. Far too often his face looks like this, smiling ridiculously.

I say that because I fear Colin is slightly underrepresented thus far on the blog. It's not that he isn't vastly interesting. I'm in love with that kid. He's just not exactly in story mode yet. Pictures do him better justice than words. This one is pretty darn accurate.

Now, Addison continues to crack me up, and to my disbelief he remains motivated by the "eat it or you'll turn into it" trick. The really funny thing is that he doesn't believe me at all. He just likes entertaining the notion that he's narrowly avoiding some sort of culinary metamorphosis. I know if he had a blog, right now he'd be typing, "Dude, I almost turned into a noodle tonight. Close call." Regardless, I can't believe how much I've gotten him to eat with this one trick. Tonight is was a noodle (which is high atop his list of offensive foods) and a cooked carrot (can't remember him ever eating one before). I didn't even have to spoon it to him. He couldn't eat it fast enough. Awesome.

Today's change is very small but that doesn't mean it's not important. It's one of my favorites. I'm changing the way I say caramel. Up until now I had rotated between all the options, defaulting (I think) with CAR-uh-Mell. Turns out, that isn't even one of the five--FIVE--accepted pronunciations in Merriam-Webster's dictionary. There was much debate in the office over how to pronounce the dictionary's given pronunciations. So I've decided on CAR-mull, pronunciation number one. Then it was insinuated that this was a waste of time. I scoffed at the notion, sure that as the resident grammarians we were compelled to be the authorities on such matters. I was quickly proven right.

Not five minutes later we headed down to get some coffee at Moody's righteous java joint, where I overhead the barista repeating back an order, "So a shot of CAR-uh-Mull? Or is it CARE-uh-Mell?"

It's CAR-mull, buddy. But to each his own.


  1. I say CAR-mull. And that Colin is just a cutie.


  2. I say it like you are now saying it as well. I think it's an east coast thing to start it off like "care"...and the east coast officially blows huge chunks, so I'm sticking with the mulling of cars.

  3. I say Car-mull but my Mom has always said Care-a-mell. She's from Texas so maybe it's a regional thing.

    Cole - WHAT a little sweety. That picture was precious! Enoy hearing stories of Addison too.


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