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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Don't Care What Randy Says

"So Happy Together" does not rock. That dude did not make it rock. No. No, no. That's a Golden Grahams song. It's an Ernest Goes to Camp song. It is not a rock song. Not that kind of rock song. I'm not feeling very good about this year's AI batch of boys. Every year they say it's their best pool of talent yet, and every year there is a whole lot of dookie.

Right now, I blame Michael Buble. No, scratch that. It's not his fault people like him. Why any man with testosterone flowing through his veins would choose to emulate Michael Buble is beyond me.

I shouldn't blog while I'm watching American Idol anymore. Not this season, anyway. Dedicating a song to your dead Grandmother? Nah, not on the first show. Play that card later, when people know you. Oh, oh, and why, oh why is Barry Manilow wearing a doo-rag and a fake beard and wig? Or why is the motorcyle rocker guy singing like Barry Manilow? What is this world coming to?

Okay, let's move on before the kid from Freaks and Geeks starts singing. I was going to decide to be punctual today, you know, for a change. But then I decided I would just be enabling people who were too wrapped up in their fast-paced lives. Then I was going to talk about people who were too wrapped up in their fast-paced lives. Then I decided . . . no, don't talk about people. Talk to people about what bothers you, or get over it.

That's my change. I gotta go talk to the Freaks and Geeks kid. I have issues with his performance, but I want to bring them up to him face-to-face.


  1. Holy crap. If you're talking about the Archuleta kid, he totally looks like the Freaks and Geeks kid. Let's just hope he's not related to a certain Adam Archuleta, because that's just shameful.

    Leah will be mad to read this blog. We thought we DVR's AI tonight, but all it recorded was a 1/2 hour. We don't know why. So she's not happy...

    How did the guy from Australia do? He's not too bad...

  2. Oh hilarious. Jeff said Bret Michaels called- he wants his bandana back. I thought out of th e 60's some WAY better songs could have been chosen. Not sure if the girls can bring it tonight. Oh, and I love David Archuleto by the way. He's ADORABLE!
    : ) And the dreads guy. I'm freaked by the Richard Marx tiny mouse guy.


  3. Heather loves David A. as well . . . I think he's a nice kid, but not Idol material. I like Dreads as well, but I couldn't stop thinking that he looked like the time-travelling offspring of John Travolta and Minnie Driver.

    Sorry about your DRV problems, Bares, but honestly, you picked a good episode to miss. If you have to YouTube anyone, I do recommend the Australian. He went last, and if any of the guys can win, I think it's him. Randy said he reminded him of Michael Hutchence, and I had been thinking the exact same thing. He's yummy.

    No, I didn't just type that.

  4. Before all the guys sang last night, I thought the show was going to be fantastic this year. I too was really disappointed in the guys singing! I only like two out of all the guys but now I can't remember their names (one of them played a guitar while he sang). I liked the one from Australia until he sang last night and all the judges really liked him, but he didn't do it for me last night. He just sort of made me cringe for some reason. Can't wait to see how the girls do!


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