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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Groundhog Day

The premise for the movie Groundhog Day just might be the best movie concept of all time. A guy gets stuck in the same day over and over . . . and the fact that it is so immediately applicable to life in this world is too sad to even explore in any depth at the moment. The short of it is, I'm Mr. Habitual. I like variety in expression, but repetition in action. I guess you could say I'm a huge fan of the formula. The pattern. The template. The routine. You can plug all sorts of different things into life, but they all end up in the same basic shape. My life is a Jell-O mold.

But here's the hilarious (and by hilarious, I mean I'm laughing to prevent a nervous breakdown into depression) reality that hit me today: I'm in my 10th year at my current job. My dad is in his 36th or 37th year at his current job. We both work at the same place, and in almost 50 combined years of working there, the two of us have not switched jobs at all.

And guess when my dad's first day on the job was? You betcha. Groundhog Day.

The job isn't the only thing that has stayed the same. It's symptomatic of a wholesale lack of change. So . . . here's my new month's resolution: I'll change one thing every day. Today (and there's still a good 23 hours left) I'm going to limit myself to one hour of Internet access. That's a start, anyway. For the rest of February, I'll let you know each day what I changed.

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  1. Wow. That's creepy. Can Groundhog Day give you special powers, say, knowing which songs are on the radio before you turn it on? Because I have that.

    So maybe it was YOU who put an unauthorized charge on our credit card with some internet company that sells TEMPLATES.Was your second "new action" to steal my credit card number and buy yourself a new tempplate for life?!?!

    Seriously. This is the second time someone has got ahold of our card somehow...


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