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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Changing Batteries

The change of the day is pretty simple, and I started it a little while ago. Old batteries are going in a paper bag to be recylced at some point. I confess, I've never been a battery recycler. Now I am. We are. We recycle.

Alright, planet slightly less destroyed, I was shoveling away the lack of global warming this afternoon, and it was hilarious. The snow was as light and cloudy as a dry cappuccino. Seriously, there was a ton of it, but I've expended more energy brushing dandruff off my shoulders. Okay, that's gross and untrue, but you get the picture. I truly have never shoveled snow that was that light before. It was so light, I was spending most of my time just thinking up metaphors just to give me something to do.

When I came in from the mini-exercise, Addison commented, "Daddy, you're really strong! I saw you move a whole pile of snow!" It was true. I did. I was going faster than my neighbors with snowblowers. Heather wondered how I could plow through it so fast. I didn't tell her (until now) that it was ridculously easy. I mean, that's the first lesson in Chick Impressing 101: If the girl you like is dishing out credit, you take it, no matter how little you actually deserve. It's even more important after you're married and she grows accustomed and unphased by your feats of strength. Oh well, it was a fun couple of hours of falsely received glory.

Aaaand . . . so far American Idol has been one big eyeroll for me. I'm ready for the dead weight to be cast off. Why does this show bring out my inner Simon?

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  1. I agree. It's been a little underwhelming so far. I think they should just choose all their songs for them, because half the time that's the main complaint. I know they choose songs for them later, but why waste time? Let's see how good they are NOW, not risk having a good singer voted off because they picked the wrong song in week one while they had bronchitis...


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