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Friday, February 08, 2008


In the past two days, I've just about shot all my previous changes straight out of the sky. But before I get to my recidivism, I wanted to make a public service announcement about yesterday's previously undisclosed change.

I decided to stop complaining about the weather, period. I had previously quietly made it a point never to complain about the weather acting exactly as it should. This is a pet peeve of mine, but I want to quickly define what I'm talking about before I offend anyone who has recently said anything weather-related to me.

What I'm Not Talking About
People who say, "It's negative 6 today, so we're staying inside." A) This is not complaining, it's stating facts that affect your behavior and/or status. B) Those conditions are extreme, even for the dead of winter in Chicago. Even if it were considered complaining, it would be justified. You know, if a hailstone crushes your car, complaining is not that annoying.

What I So AM Talking About
People who say, "Boy, do you believe this snow? We're in for some horrendous traffic today if this keeps up." See, now this is complaining about things behaving as they should, AND it's complaining about something that has yet to happen with no guarantee that it will. Let's take the first part: "Do you believe this snow?" Yeah. It's snowing. In February. In Chicago. What is hard to believe about snow falling in the winter in the Midwest? Grrr. Then there's the, "Oh, woe is me, I know the snow will have an adverse effect on traffic later, I just know it" whining spree. People who speak like this want to be depressed. They can't wait for it.

The Change I'm Making
Now I'm going beyond just avoiding that which peeves me. No more complaining about the weather, even if it seems justified. If it's negative 25 in May, so be it. If the sun doesn't shine for a month, no problem. I'll take the weather, be thankful for it, and bask in the glow, the freezing rain, the showers, the flowers, the heat, the humidity . . . I don't care what it is, I'm basking. At least for now.

The Changes Formerly Known As Changes
Yesterday happened, and a lot of things went out the window. I didn't get around to trivia last night. I went to bed at 4 in the morning. I spent too much time online (although not all that time online). I didn't do the boring work thing. I did stretch, though, and it saved me from spraining my ankle during Wallyball. (Maybe someday I'll blog about Wallyball . . . it's awesome.) And then today, I didn't really change a thing. I'll try again tomorrow. Maybe.

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  1. It's why I came to North Carolina and never went back!

    I don't complain about the weather down here, I brag about it (every chance I get!) :)

    (I'm Michael's Aunt)


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