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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Top Ten Reasons I Shouldn't Jump Over My Brother

This one is entirely from Addison after a couple of jumps over Colin, lying helplessly on the floor. I told him to give me ten reasons why he shouldn't jump over his brother. They came surprisingly quickly. No one was hurt in the making of this list . . . this time.

10. He could die.
9. He could get hurt.
8. He could get a bandage put on him.
7. He could cry.
6. He could get put in the river.
5. You don't need to.
4. Because you don't, because.
3. You don't want to.
2. Mommy and Daddy said not to.
1. Mommy and Daddy will be mad at you.
Other random Addisonisms from this evening:
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are "Jaminja Turtles."
  • He picked up the phone tonight and said, "What's Grandma's number? I wanna call and see how Grandpa's doing."
  • He calls his pirate bath toy, "Ben Wallace." This picture should explain everything:

Toy Pirate

Ben Wallace


  1. Oh now that is too funny. And the river thing... too many baby Moses stories before bed, you think?


  2. That is absolutely hysterical.. The best answers come from kids. It's hard not to laugh right then and there!

  3. Is it because of the hair, or is it because the pirate appears to have a pegleg and Ben Wallace is old, broken down, and overpaid and has brought his garbage Pistons attitude to my beloved Chicago Bulls, and, and, and...and that's kind of like a peg leg. Plus, pirates are overpaid in stolen goods? And they like booty, just like Wallace does, no doubt...


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