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Saturday, January 05, 2008

To B-12 or Not B-12

I think it's hilarious that there's a public debate between Roger Clemens and his former trainer about what exactly the latter injected into the former's posterior. It's my absolute favorite he-said, he-said of the year. It's loaded with fun.

Roger Clemens is trying to save his own backside by clarifying what exactly went into it. Rocket says he was injected with vitamin B-12 (an energy boosting shot to the bum) and a form of pain killer (an anti-pain in the butt, if you will). And there's just nothing wrong with letting another man load your tooshie with pain killers and vitamins. But his trainer is saying he gave him human growth hormone to the hiney, and that's a violation that could hold the legendary ace out of the Hall of Fame.

So who do we believe? There are plenty of reasons to doubt Clemens, but I think the most important question is this: who knows more about what's going on, the guy wielding the hypodermic needle, or the wincing guy with his his rear end hanging out? The injecter is more informed than the injectee. Basic rule of needle sharing.

Sorry Roger, you're guilty. No if's, and's, or butts.

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