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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tasteless Torture

I was feeding Colin last night . . . sweet potatoes and rice cereal. I don't like sweet potatoes, but it's a normal enough food. Rice products are usually just fine. Seems like a perfectly humane meal. But then Colin grabbed the spoon and flicked it like a slingshot. Not a ton of food went flying, but some got on my hand, enough to taste. I just licked it off instinctively. The next few moments are a blur. All I can really remember is my tongue recoiling in shock.

It's just not right, what we do to our kids. If we are to trust the experts, our kids' taste buds aren't fully developed. Okay, A) I never trust the experts. Just on principle. B) How would they know if a kid's taste buds are developed? Is it the same criteria as a typical parent applies? "Look, he's not screaming! He loves it!" Do they give babies horribly putrid mush just to see if they'll react. "10:30 a.m. Subject ate spoiled tofu laced with garlic and topped with strawberry cream cheese blended with vinegar to reach proper consistency. Subject made funny face, but ate everything. Taste bud development . . . negative." And C) Just because a kid can't taste like we can, does that justify spooning swill into his mouth?

Sure, the food is good for a baby, but what I tasted has no business sliding across the surface of a human tongue. Those foods are ingredients at best. Eating them alone is like chewing on baking soda or sipping raw egg whites. Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, and maybe that's a bit of an understatement. But it was gross, and it seems wrong.

Colin won't remember that I fed him this stuff. In his mind, there's no need to forgive me. In my mind . . . I don't know if I can forgive myself.

Course, on second thought . . . if this is my worst offense against my children, I'll die a happy man.


  1. Ha- I don't torture my little ones. We skip the rice cereal and baby food and only do what we'd eat (mushed up, of course!) I think it's only fair- if I wouldn't eat it, I don't want to feed it to them. Breastmilk being an exception. ; )


  2. My youngest is 8 month old now and starting to experiment with food. He made it very clear from the start that he would NOT eat baby food. The little critic let us know that things had to be thick and able to be chewed (even if only by gums at first). From time to time he will tolerate me making thick oatmeal with some veggies or fruits from a company mixed in. He is anxious to join the rest of the family eating our food. I think since he is not our food I am more open to this.

    Good luck with your journey!


  3. Hey Adam! Steph linked you a while ago, and I've been checking in with you for like the last month or so. I can't remember if I left a comment yet or not. It's been fun to read your stuff. And hear how you all are doing. Your boys are cuties!


  4. oh, and we don't really use our blogspot blog anymore. we're at

  5. Hm. I tasted the rice, and I thought it was okay. Maybe it was the sweet potato that threw you off...

    I am with you on experts. These same people say dogs are color-blind. But I know for a fact that my dogs favorite color is blue. He told me.

  6. Unfortunately, this is one of those times when I just can't be pleased. The thing that grosses me out most about food is texture. . . . So I guess whatever the baby can eat will most likely make me gag. I think I owe the Gerber baby an apology.

  7. oh, and we don't really use our blogspot blog anymore. we're at


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