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Monday, January 21, 2008

Frog and Toad's Wild Ride

Addison's pre-school has a fun assignment for which each kid gets to bring home their friends Frog and Toad for adventures real and fictitious. I hardly think those two things are mutually exclusive, but nevertheless, those adventures are underway. They've already raced slot cars, helped Addison navigate his regimen of educational Web sites, and ridden on a monster truck (not pictured). They were also trapped inside Colin's room during nap time, but we ran a successful reconnaissance mission without waking baby.

Baby, by the way, is getting a bit too long. Too long, in fact, for his car seat. He's past the 26-inch limit by nearly two inches. So I had to switch out the old, convenient, carrier seat in favor of the new, cumbersome, "pull the kid out of the car no matter how badly you'd like for him to continue sleeping" model. He has also moved into a new diaper class, the big Stage 3. This means that his trips to Deuceland only slightly wander beyond the boundaries of Diaperville instead of marching full speed ahead into Dirty Knee County and along Another Changed Onesie Blvd. It's fantastic.

Ah, well, the Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle have concluded, so I must be on my way. The first significant Frog and Toad adventure is coming soon: we're going to Chuck E. Cheese's. You know, where a kid can be a kid, and an adult can have an aneurysm.

Please pray.
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