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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Adventures of Frog, Toad, and Addison

Day 1

When we came home from pre-school, the first thing Frog, Toad, and I did was to go for a ride on my monster truck. Frog was driving on the couch, and Toad was riding; he was scared. After that, we ate lunch.

After lunch, we went downstairs, and Frog and Toad played slot car racing. Frog won the race; he was controlling the red car, Lightning McQueen. Toad and Doc Hudson came in second. Then, Frog and Toad watched me play on the computer. Then Mommy came home. She was amazed to meet Frog and Toad. Then I asked if we could go to Chuck E. Cheese’s, and Daddy and Mommy said, “Yes,” that I could go to Chuck E. Cheese’s.

When we got there, we were at Chuck E. Cheese’s. We watched a video, played in a puppet show, then I played some games. Frog and Toad played the motorcycle game. While I was playing games (the scariest one of all was the one with the wooden track) Frog and Toad snuck into the kitchen of Chuck E. Cheese’s. They made a fly pie pizza. Their tummies were full. They didn’t eat the whole thing of pizza. They had one dragonfly for Toad and one for Frog. Then we went back to the table and ate some more pizza. And then we played some more games. Then we left to go home.

At home, we played Duck, Duck, Goose with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Then we went to bed. Frog slept on my left, and Toad slept on my right.

Day 2

We woke up and it was snowing out. We went outside and shoveled snow, but not Frog and Toad. They just watched from my window. They played Duck, Duck, Goose by themselves. They didn’t go outside, but they did get into a little trouble. They got cookies out of the pantry, and they set them on the table. They didn’t eat them all, but they got crumbs on the floor and got pretty dirty. But when we got inside, I was surprised when we got upstairs. I ate one cookie, and Mommy was so glad that I ate a cookie. That was my first snack, and I had no snacks for the rest of the day.

I wasn’t in trouble, but we could have no sugar for the rest of the day, just goldfish. Toad took a nap in the morning. We played some games. We played Elefun, Later, Frog and Toad played pirates, and then basketball, and then I drew a picture of all of us on the chalkboard.

We had so much fun, then it was bedtime. I loved having them with me. The End.


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