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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Who would have thought that a Scientology video would remind me of something I love to do? Well, it did. For some odd reason, I find strange satisfaction in coming up with abbreviations for phrases that would never be used frequently enough to actually require abbreviations. Here are some of my favorites (and most of them come from work):

SCO. So-Called Office. My office mate and I have shared the same workspace for nine years. It's always been the kind of office where people congregate. People come to see me. People come to see Elena. People come to see both of us. People come to see the people who come to see either of us. If your eyes didn't tell you otherwise, you'd swear there was no door. No one knocks. No one does a fake "knock knock." And we like it that way. But there was one particular day when there were five people (other than the two of us) in our office, and none of them were talking to either of us. At that moment, I looked at Elena and said, "This isn't an office. People call it an office, but it's not an office." And there it became, the SCO.

HWOPIN. Hand-Written On a Post-It Note. This one is pronounced as a single word (HWO-pin). It just became easier than saying, "Yeah, just make note of it on a post-it." Now it's just, "Put it on a HWOPIN." See how much easier that is?

S of a B. This one's self-explanatory. Not the nicest, but it sounds super nice in a dorky way when you abbreviate it.

UA. Unnecessary abbreviation. I don't really use this one. It kind of seems frivolous to double up. Giving the abbreviation process its own abbreviation feels like bureaucracy.

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