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Monday, December 17, 2007

I Am Not a Mom

I am a man. But I'm married to a mom. And since this blog is purportedly from the Kelloggs (version 3 because I'm the third child and point 4 because there are now four of us) I thought that it's about time Heather had a voice on this page. While she did not type a word of this post, I have no problem believing that this video does a nice job expressing the typical day in her world.

The song has its cultural connotations (The William Tell overture and The Lone Ranger theme) and I can't say they're entirely inapplicable. I'm sure there are days (i.e. most of them) when she feels like the Lone Ranger and still others (probably not too much more than half) when she feels like firing an arrow in our son's general direction. She is the best. But being the best doesn't come without its share of frustrations. View, listen, and laugh with (not at, surely not at) the summarized travails of mommyhood.

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