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Monday, December 17, 2007

Guy Love

There's something about Turk and J. D.

There are some friendships that you can never duplicate. There are plenty of friendships to be forged in this world, but in my experience . . . I'm sorry, I have to break out the term, as second-grade as it sounds . . . best friends come along only once in a very long while, maybe your whole life. The Chandler to your Joey. The Denny to your Alan . The Paul to your Kevin. The Tom to your Huck. The Jonathan to your David. The Turner to your Hooch.

Some people don't believe in best friends, but I definitely do. I doubt that everyone truly finds one, but should you be lucky enough, it is one of the great fulfilling joys you'll ever know. It's hard to describe. A good friend can make your world feel right, keep you thinking straight, give you the confidence to be the person you believe God designed you to be.

Best friends, I genuinely believe, are connected at the soul, and they don't mind the intrusion. I miss mine. It's been about four years, but the funny thing is, if I saw him right now, it would be like we've been living next door to each other for the last ten years. Still, I miss him. I've got two sons who would love to get to know him. Here's to hoping they get the chance.


  1. Funny- just last week I started watching Scrubs. I know what you mean. I think it's similar with the womens, too. : )


  2. I always love to see those friendships, though my best friend is my sister, which is a little different.


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