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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Google Supremacy

Just one more thing as I sit here waiting for pictures to print. I think I will forever have mixed feelings about sitemeter, but it did lead me to the discovery of a bizarre, surreal ecstasy, and not the little pill kind with Hello Kitty on it. No, sitemeter's stats informed me that this blog shows up inexplicably as the result of a Google search.

Try it out . . . as of this moment, it still works. Go to Google. Type this:

raise your hands in the air

Not an exact phrase search, just a search. If you click, "I'm feeling lucky" (which takes you to the number one google result) you'll wind up looking at pictures of Addison's soccer team. If you do the same thing for this term:

weird ways to say happy Christmas

You'll wind up on this blog also. It's the strangest thing. The weird ways phrase . . . I can't imagine ever typing that. But the classic hip-hop ice breaker of the '90s, "Raise your hands in the air, and wave 'em like you just don't care" . . . how my site would register as the top result for the first half of that is absolutely beyond me.

I think it's hilarious.


  1. Someone came to my blog yesterday by searching for christian with loser husband. My husband was very proud.

  2. Ha- I am often googled for husband wearing wife in a sling. Mmmkay.



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