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Friday, October 20, 2006


Addison is 3 now. The big three oh . . . minus the oh. So a drum set seemed like the standard thing to mark his passage from the terrible-two phase and into the throwdown-three stage. What he lacks in rhthym, he makes up for in volume and ingenuity. The drum makers had a specific method in mind when they designed this contraption, but Addison thinks outside the box. Drumsticks are for hitting the bass drum. Fists are for cymbals. Forehead hits another drum, and teeth make a sound on the fake chrome that is absolutely inimitable by any other means.

Don't worry for us. He doesn't play it that much. He wants to expand the band. He's asking for a saxophone. Or a trumpet. Or a tuba. He suggested we get Mommy all of these for her birthday. We settled on the new John Mayer CD, from which I recommend "Gravity," track 4 and "Dreaming with a Broken Heart," track something else. Posted by Picasa